Nylon Stocking And Garter Belt Adds To Your Beauty

Published: 15th June 2007
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Soon after its launch in the market, the nylon stocking became a craze among women. The ladies wardrobe throughout the world got adorned with nylon stockings. The one-piece pantyhose emerged in the 1960s and turned out a suitable substitute to stockings, giving greater choice to women.

The most stylish nylon stocking was the top-seamed with garter, which established itself as a steady front liner in trend and application. The role of garter gained importance in the l950s and soon stockings without separate garter became meaningless. In fact garter belt's used to hold stockings steadfast to one's leg.

In present scenario, application of separate garter has lost its importance; the inevitable garters have been reduced to complimentary friends of stockings, which is attached to the nylon stockings for better convenience, ease and comfort.

You have a wide range of options to choose from and a variety of colors to pick. Of course color plays a crucial role in determining your choice. Short-knee type, the pantyhose style, and above the knee, all are very functional and durable and moreover add glamour to your beauty quotient. The customary colors are light brown, off white, beige, light beige.

Why nylon stocking garter usage scores over the traditional knit-separate garter belt usage?

- The nylon-stocking garters are made from the best synthetic and body friendly. This factor not only gives it an extra edge but also helps to carve its own niche.

- Revitalizing factor - The nylon-stocking garter enhances the blood circulation of the legs, giving you rejuvenating and energetic experience.

- Anti-Cellulite Effect - It eliminates the presence of cellulites resulting your thigh thighs firm and toned, and makes it appear smoother.

- Soften Legs - The circulation helps to smoothen and soften legs, making it more beautiful.

- Helpful for expectant women: Nylon hosiery ranging from moderate, medium and support hosiery is suitable for the pregnant woman. The hosiery allows good adjustments on growth of the foetus inside the womb. Its fine garter weave with extra firm support provides compressions levels for varicose veins problems. The enhanced blood circulation acts as a rejuvenator, providing much relief to women.

Garter belt

Garter belt is a woman's undergarment comprising an elastic piece of cloth worn around the waist to which, garters are attached to hold up stockings and prevent them from falling. Garter belts came into picture in 1920's much before panty hose and thigh high stockings came. At that time, garter belts were made of silk, lace and other materials.

How does garter belt works?

A garter belt comprises two or three garters on each side attached to a stiff, reinforced strip of material (at least two or three inches wide) that fastens around the waist and prevents stocking from rolling. Three garters fasten stocking much more tightly than the two-garter version. White garter belt are more common, black and pink garters are also available in the market.

Contemporary usage of garter belt

Most of the garter belts are manufactured using a blend of nylon and spandex. You can choose girder amidst wide variety of colors like red or black satin and different versions like six-garter and four-garter. Women find the six-garter styles more sensible. Garter belt once a necessary item for women, is an effective tool to enhance the sex appeal of women.

Nylon stocking and garter belt has become an important item of women's wardrobe which immaculately accentuate the exotic beauty of women.

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